Dryer Vent Safety

Having your dryer lint vent professionally cleaned saves both time and money. Cleaning improves dryer performance and can add years to its life. It also greatly lowers the risk of dryer-related fires in your home.

Lint vent cleaning should be part of your regular dryer maintenance. It will help you avoid expensive repairs, and eliminate the need to replace your dryer too often by extending its life.

Lint buildup affects the performance and efficiency of your dryer. When lint is blocking the vent, it takes more time to dry a load of laundry, forcing you to run the dryer longer. This raises your utility bills, as well as causing excess wear and tear to the appliance. Running a dryer for extended lengths of time also increases the risk of dryer fire.

There are 15,600 clothes-dryer related fires in residential buildings annually in the United States, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. Approximately 80% of them occur in residential buildings. These preventable fires cause 15 deaths, 400 injuries and around $88 million in property damage each year.

Failure to clean out lint traps is the main cause of dryer fires. A blocked vent or exhaust pipe prevents the release of hot air, turning highly combustible lint into fuel. As well, a gas-powered dryer that is poorly vented or lint-blocked can result in backed-up carbon monoxide entering your home. Regular cleaning is strongly recommended to reduce your risk of dangerous dryer exhaust fires and protects you from potentially lethal carbon monoxide gas.

The Lint Alert Device will help you make sure your dryer lint vent is cleaned when needed, help you and your family stay safe, and keep your dryer functioning at its optimum capacity.