Prevent Dryer Vent Fires with Lint Alert

This small device is all you need to ensure your home is safe from dryer vent fires.

While there are many precautionary steps a homeowner can take to prevent a dryer vent fire from occurring, the most effective method of prevention is installing a small device called the “Lint Alert” into the dryer vent system. This small device monitors the amount of lint in the exhaust system by gauging the air flow conditions. During normal operation, air flows freely into the dryer, but can become blocked from excessive lint build up. Thanks to the air flow sensors in “Lint Alert”, the device is able to notify you as soon as the condition inside the ducts worsens and if a blockage occurs.

The “Lint Alert” uses a series of colored LED lights to progressively show the accumulation of lint within the system until it reaches a point where the lint build up is unsafe and must be cleaned out by a dryer cleaning professional.

When new customers receive an air duct cleaning from Dr. Lint, they will also get a “Lint Alert” device installed as well. Just like your home security alarm and smoke detectors, this monitor will let you know when unsafe conditions exist in your home. With over 15,000 dryer vent fires occurring each year, this device offers security and peace of mind that your home and your family will be safe from dryer vent fires.

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