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There are many myths that we must deal with on a regular basis as dryer vent cleaning professionals. While some hold merit, others have no basis for their claims. Read on to find out what you should be worried about and which myths are full of hot air.

Myth #1: Dryer sheets cause dryer vent fires.

Dryer sheets have been commonly considered one of the causes of dryer vent fires. According to and-myths-of-dryer-fires/overview/index.htm” target=”_blank”>Consumer Reports this is not the case. It has been said that dryer sheets put build up on the lint trap which prevent the lint from being caught as it leaves the dryer. While the sheets may cause a minimal amount of build up on the dryer lint trap, this is not enough to lead to a dryer vent fire.

Myth #2: The vents on newer and more energy efficient dryers do not need to be cleaned.

Many people believe that newer dryers do not require the same maintenance that other dryer vents need. This is not true as there are no dryers that are completely maintenance free. That said though, newer dryers do run more efficiently, therefore decreasing how often the vents need to be cleaned. Another point to consider though is the location of the dryer. Many new homes have dryers installed in the center of the home, far from the exterior walls. Dryers that are built into a home further from the outside walls require a longer dryer duct often containing bends and turns which makes the appliance work harder to expel the lint. This set-up requires more maintenance than a dryer located near an outside wall and has a short vent.

Myth #3: My dryer is taking longer to dry clothes because its old and needs to be replaced.

Another myth is that a longer drying time means that the appliance needs to be replaced. This is a dangerous misconception because the replacement of the dryer will not fix the problem, instead, the dryer ducts will still be clogged and may overheat or start a fire. A longer drying time actually means that the vents are clogged with lint and the appliance will work efficiently once again after the vents are cleaned out.

It is good practice to monitor your appliances and watch out for signs that there may be a problem. It also helps to be able to decipher between real concerns and common misconceptions. If you ever have any doubt about any dryer vent myths, give us a call and we will help you clear up the problem.

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