3 Simple Steps to Reduce Energy Costs with your Clothes Dryer

Clothing washers and dryers account for a major chunk of a homeowner’s energy bill. While washing by hand and hanging the clothes out to dry on a clothes line is one way to conserve energy (and save money), it’s not the only way. By changing the items you dry regularly, the frequency of your vent cleanings, and the time of day you do laundry, you will instantly conserve energy and your energy bill will see drastic reductions.

First, remember to keep your dryer vents clean. It is important to clear the lint out of the lint trap each time you dry a load of laundry. While this will help keep the system clear, 35% of the lint from each load bypasses the lint trap. For this reason, keeping the entire system of vents clear is also important. Clogged vents reduce the airflow and efficiency of the appliance. This makes the dryer take longer and work harder to dry your clothes, which wastes money and energy. To have your dryer vents checked and cleaned, call a dryer vent professional in your area.

Another way to reduce the cost of each load of laundry is to change the time of day that you dry your clothes. Depending on your electric company, you may be charged a different rate for the energy you use at night versus the heavy usage times during the day. If this is not the case in your area, you may still benefit from drying in the morning or at night during the summer so that the heat from the appliance does not heat up the house and require additional air conditioning.

Additional tips for conserving energy include drying towels less often and updating your appliance. Towels can often be used multiple times before they are put in the wash. If your appliances are older varieties, you may want to consider updating your model. Newer dryers are much more energy efficient than older appliances and many even come with a moisture sensor that shuts off the appliance when the clothing inside is dry.

Minor improvements such as cleaning out your dryer vents and drying laundry that retains a lot of moisture less often (such as towels) can have a large impact on your energy bill. Even considering the large initial investment, an updated appliance will pay for itself in only a few years. By taking these simple steps you will be well on your way to steadily reducing your energy bills.

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