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While lint is the primary culprit for obstructing the air flow in the dryer vent, bird nests and debris left behind by other animals are often also prime suspects. The warm air from the dryer creates a pleasant spot for a nest of small rodents or birds, but this cozy hideout for small creatures is a dangerous situation for homeowners.

When birds and other wildlife build nests inside the dryer vents, this creates a very serious problem for the homeowner. A blockage in the vent will cause lint and exhaust to build up throughout the duct. This backlog can reach all the way to the dryer and will lead to longer drying times, more stress on the dryer and also the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and a dryer vent fire.

The best way to stop birds and critters from building a home in your dryer vent is to block off the opening. There are a few different “No Nest” vent covers that you can purchase. When choosing a vent cover to keep out unwanted creatures, consider purchasing a product with the following features:

  • A door designed so that birds cannot open it
  • A door that will open without resistance so that the fixture will allow for proper venting
  • Detachable hood for simple cleaning
  • No screens — these get clogged up easily with lint and can start a problem of its own
  • Products that have proved to be 100 percent successful in bird infested areas

The simple installation of one of these “No Nest” vent covers works as a one time preventative measure that will ensure that your dryer vent system is safe from intrusive animals. One small nest can become a major safety hazard. Don’t wait for these tiny house guests to make their presence known — keep the critters out with an appropriate dryer vent cover.

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