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Having a professional clean your dryer lint vent regularly ensures that all your dryer safety needs are met. You may also want to opt to have a Lint Alert Device installed to ensure that your dryer vent is functioning properly. The Lint Alert lets you know when cleaning is needed so you can always get the most energy efficient use from your dryer.

  • Dryer lint vent cleaning
  • Lowers your utility bills
  • Reduces dryer wear and tear
  • Increases dryer efficiency
  • Protects you from dryer exhaust fires and carbon monoxide hazards

We can advise you about any hazardous conditions that might be present in your dryer system. We have all the necessary tools and skills for cleaning lint vents without damaging the surface of your dryer or its ducts and vents. We can suggest ways to extend your dryer’s life, improve its efficiency, and lower your utility costs.

Most importantly, having your dryer lint vent professionally cleaned gives you peace of mind, and helps keeps you and your loved ones safe.

Dryer Vent Cleaning is a must to ensure safe operation of your dryer. Watch this short video and learn how the Lint Alert system that we provide and install for all new customers works year round to keep your family safe.